Metro Bakery and Cafe

Our journey began with Theo's dream of owning his own coffee shop back in 2009.

Reluctantly, I left a thirty year teaching career to help Theo realise his dream. Before too long, I came to be as passionate about hospitality as I was about education.

What began as a coffee and sandwich shop, has now evolved into a bakehouse and a two site cafe and bar.

The growth of Metro Bakery and Cafe has been a collaboration between us, our staff and our customers.

Everytime someone walks through our doors we make a promise to them.  Our promise is to offer our customers the same hospitality that we would offer our family and friends. 

We invite you to call in and join us for a coffee or a bite to eat.


Toni and Theo Vorenas




About Metro Bakery and Cafe

Our values

The following core values define our culture, who we are and why we do things the way we do.

1. Service excellence, community and relationships
We develop warm and positive relationships with our customers and our suppliers

2. Quality
We provide outstanding products, that are quality assured and deliver premium value to our customers

3. Professionalism and personal accountability
We operate with professionalism and we are personally accountable for delivering on our promises

4. Integrity
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions

5. Teamwork
We work together, across departments to meet the needs of our customers, to support one another’s growth and to help the business grow.